Brédas Group Resources

Research in the Bredas group is enabled through both private and shared computing resources. The group owns a high-performance Linux cluster consisting of 576 AMD-2378 2.4-GHz processor cores, over 2.5 TB of aggregate memory, and more than 150 TB of disks divided among 72 compute nodes attached via high-speed gigabit and Infiniband interconnects. These nodes are integrated into a larger campus-level, high-performance computing (HPC) center, supported by a $10 million Institute investment in equipment, a 1,900 square-foot data center area, and a staff of full-time support personnel. Additionally, the Bredas group is one of four research groups comprising the Center for Computational Molecular Science and Technology (CCMST) at Georgia Tech. The principal CCMST computing resources consist of a recently purchased 32-node (720 2.0 GHz AMD-Opteron cores, 2.2 TB Memory, 108 TB of local disks) GPU cluster containing 32 NVidia Tesla GPUs as well as two smaller Linux clusters containing 77 nodes (154 3.2-GHz Intel Xeon processors, 338 GB memory, 12 TB of local disks) and 40 nodes (80 2.66 GHz Intel Xeon processors, 256 GB memory, 12 TB of local disks), respectively. As part of research grants from the US Department of Defense and Department of Energy, the group has also access to supercomputers at several national supercomputing resource centers.